Sunday, April 8, 2012

Is It Level?

I was recently on a mission trip with the youth from our church, Trinity Baptist, helping to complete a bathroom/ shower building in the mountains of western Honduras. We were using blocks, mortar, levels, trowels, gloves, and other tools we thought we needed.

We set a level on top of each block to make sure each block was good, and then placed another block next to it and made sure it was level, also. By the time we got around to the other side, however, we discovered the last block we laid was about 1-1/2 inches higher than the first block! How could this be? We had made sure each block was level, yet the result was such that the final block did not match the original block.

The guys that knew what they were doing did not use a level the way we did; instead, they got the corners right, then used a string between the corners and measured each block against the string. Instead of making sure each block was level individually, they used an external standard. When all blocks were correct to that standard, they were also correct within themselves.

Sound like any scripture you might be aware of?
    seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well 
- Matthew 6:33

When we use short-term standards, like a level on individual blocks, small errors can creep in and we may not end up where we so desperately tried to reach. Using an external, long-term standard, we do the same work and KNOW where we will end up, and we get level blocks thrown in as extras! When we seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness, we know where we will end up and each day takes care of itself!