Saturday, August 31, 2013

All in In His Time

For about a year now, having left TPI, we have been working where we are, wondering what God had lined up for us next. Were we going to stay in Mississippi assisting in missions and women’s ministries at Trinity and providing computer assistance at Northpoint Christian School (formerly SBEC), or were we going to go somewhere else. We wanted to be sure we satisfied two conditions: working in areas where we have skills and passion, and working in an area where there is a great need. We were using a saying we learned from Vance Pitman at Hope Baptist Church: ministry rides on the rails of relationships.

Through a series of relationships that we are confident were orchestrated by God, we came in contact with Latin America Mission (LAM). LAM’s focus is to partner with existing ministries in Latin America, providing assistance as necessary.

After much prayer and discussion, we completed the application process with LAM and know that God is now calling us to work with Su Refugio in Paraguay. Su Refugio is a Christian home in Paraguay that takes in children from abusive and drug-using families. Scott Kvandal, an engineer from San Diego, started Su Refugio several years ago by building a small dormitory, dining area, church and amphitheater, and has recently added a Center of Hope which helps train women with skills to help sustain their families; an elementary school is also being developed.

Bill will be assisting Pastor Pablo with the church on the campus at Su Refugio, as well as home churches that are starting in the neighboring town of Tobatí. Bill will also be working with Pastor Alcides to teach and develop course for the Bible college Alcides has already started. Sandy will be working primarily in the Center for Hope, helping women in Tobatí and another town, Caacupé, learn sewing and cooking, and also with starting practical businesses out of their homes. Together, we will be coordinating visiting mission teams and leading marriage retreats for towns in the surrounding areas.

We have put our house up for sale, plan to sell both cars and most of our furniture and put a few things in storage. We are planning a trip to see family and friends in Las Vegas, California and New Mexico, followed by a four week intercultural course in North Carolina. We’re looking to move to Costa Rica in mid-December to sharpen our Spanish skills, and then on to Paraguay, probably in early June.

These are definitely exciting times for us. Please pray for us, giving thanks to God for making our plans as clear as He has, and that all goes well as we transition to our new lives in Paraguay.