Monday, June 16, 2014

Urgent Need in the Comedor

   Three days per week, Pastor Pablo drives the Su Refugio bus into town and picks up 90-95 children we have identified as not receiving proper nutrition. We bring them out and give them a nourishing meal for their bodies and a spiritual message for their souls.

   A local organization had been contributing food and financial donations but has scaled back their support and we now do not have enough resources to continue at this level. The total cost for this operation, transportation and food, is about $180 per week, or $2 per child – about 67 cents per meal.

   You have an opportunity to make a difference. By contributing just $10/week ($40/month), you can keep five children on this list. 100% of your donation would go to the children – we are covering the overhead and administrative expenses. 
   Although all donations are appreciated, for this need we are really looking for repeating donations, weekly or monthly, for any amount. Include in the Memo or Comment section the word “comedor” and we will make sure your donation goes straight to the comedor!