Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dolls and Doll Clothes

Sandy recently returned from her five week trip back to the US. During that trip she shared a simple need we have here for the girls: a lack of dolls and their clothes. Some of the girls had dolls, others did not. Most dolls come from the store new with just paper clothes. Sandy started making doll clothes but then realized that would be a good project for some of the groups that wanted to help us. Hence, she was able to bring back dolls for the girls that had none and doll clothes for everyone.

We numbered the dolls 1-14 and each girls picked a number from a bowl - the numbers were on folded paper so they didn't know which number they had. Sandy sorted the doll clothes into plastic bags so each girl got 2 sets of doll clothes.

Her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. A couple of days before we held this event, she had seen this Belle doll, knew the doll would be given to one of the girls, and wanted it for herself, so she started praying that she would get the doll. The topic of the monthly women's meeting at church was meekness, and how we need to let God be in control. It turns out that she stopped praying to receive the doll, and mimicking the Master, prayed not my will but your will, God. When she drew her number she got Belle! God used this to increase her faith as well as show her His love.

This girl is 11 years old and this is the first doll she has ever had.

You put the smiles on these girls' faces!

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